1. Issue of a Car Park Pass 

1.1 The issue of a Car Park Pass and subsequent access to the Car Park is subject to these Terms & Conditions.

1.2 By accepting a Car Park Pass you are confirming that you have read these Terms and Conditions and have understood and agreed to them.

2. Car Park Pass

2.1 Subject to clause 2.4 below, all Car Park Passes will be issued by virtue of electronic mobile tickets using near-field communication technology, or such other technology as the Club may decide to use from time to time (“E-Pass”).

2.2 In order to use your Car Park Pass, you will be required to download the E-Pass to your mobile smartphone by following the instructions provided by the Club from time to time. E-Passes are only compatible with iPhone 6 and above and most Android/Google phones. Confirmation of whether your device is compatible with E-Pass can be provided by the Club upon request. It is your responsibility to download the relevant E-Pass, and to ensure that it is displayed correctly on your mobile smartphone. In the event that you have problems with downloading your Car Park Pass as an E-Pass, you must immediately inform the Club at

2.3 The Car Park Pass will need to be displayed on your mobile smartphone as an E-Pass in order to gain access to the Car Park. Car Park Passes that are not displayed correctly (for example, due to a defective mobile smartphone or insufficient battery) will be rejected and you may be refused entry.

2.4 In the event that you do not hold a compatible mobile smartphone or you are unable to access your Car Park Pass via a mobile smartphone device, you must immediately inform the Club at and the Club will discuss alternative access options that may be available depending on the circumstances, such alternative access options always being subject to the Club’s sole discretion.

2.5 The Club will not provide directions, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are equipped with all that is necessary e.g. maps etc in order to find the Car Park as the Club will not be held responsible in cases where the Car Park cannot be found. No refund will be given in such circumstances.

2.6 Entry to the Car Park to any motor car may also be refused, whether a Car Park Pass is produced or otherwise, where the Car Park attendants operating the Car Park, in their sole discretion, considers that it is reasonable to do so (including, without limitation, where the Car Park attendants operating the Car Park, in their sole discretion, determines that such motor car is too large to fit comfortably within a Car Park space or is not in a fit and suitable condition for driving).

2.7 The Club shall not be obliged to admit you or issue any replacement for a lost, stolen or destroyed Car Park Pass (including losing or no longer having access to the device on which your Car Park Pass is stored in the form of an E-Pass). If you lose, destroy or have your Car Park Pass (including losing or no longer having access to the device on which your Car Park Pass is stored in the form of an E-Pass) then you should notify the Club immediately at or by calling +44 151 264 2222..

3. Cancellation

3.1 The Club shall be entitled to cancel your Car Park Pass at any time for whatever reason and without any liability to you whatsoever. If the Club is unable to provide you with the Car Park Pass for whatever reason (including but not limited to the Car Park being used at a reduced capacity) then the Club shall have no liability to you whatsoever.

4. Liability Disclaimer

4.1 You agree to park your vehicle in the Car Park at your own risk.

4.2 You will use the Car Park for parking purposes only; any other activity is strictly prohibited.

4.3 You confirm that you hold valid insurance policy for the vehicle which will be parked in the Car Park.

4.4 The Club will not be held responsible or liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect or consequential loss including but not restricted to death, damage, destruction, loss, theft or injury arising out of or in connection with any act or omission of either the Club or any agent or representative acting on our behalf.

5. Possessions

5.1 Please ensure all the windows of your vehicle are securely closed.

5.2 Please ensure your vehicle is securely locked.

5.3 Wherever possible please take your possessions with you when you leave your vehicle.

5.4 If you have to leave possessions in your vehicle please do not leave them on the seats where they are visible, but instead place them in the boot which should then be locked.

6. Safety in the Car Park

6.1 Please drive carefully in the Car Park and obey any directional and other signs.

6.2 After you have parked your vehicle please proceed to the nearest exit. Do not delay your exit from the Car Park and please keep a watchful eye on your children in the Car Park.

7. Reservations

7.1 The Car Park is only available for the individual to who it is issued to. A Car Park Pass, does not entitle you, unless otherwise specified, to any particular space in the Car Park or to priority over other individuals.

7.2 The Club reserves the right to refuse access to any vehicle.

7.3 Access will not be permitted to any vehicles outside of the standard opening times of 3 hours before the event time unless confirmed in writing prior to the event date.

8. Abandoned Vehicles

8.1 You must remove your vehicle from the Car Park within 2 hours from the end of the event.

8.2 The Club reserves the right to remove any vehicle which it reasonably believes to have been abandoned.

9. Changes to these Terms

9.1 The Club reserves the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions at any time. Please check this page to ensure you are familiar with the terms.


10. Definitions

In the Terms and Conditions the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:


“Car Park” means an official Club car park notified to you at the time of your booking.


“Car Park Pass” means your E-Pass or other form of pass for admission to the Car Park.


“E-Pass” has the meaning provided at clause 2.1.


"Terms & Conditions" means these terms and conditions governing the issue and use of a Car Park Pass.